Founded in 2013, by Jon Palmar Sigurdsoon (Palli). Paloma is the only Nightclub in Reykjavik.

Since then, the place has been the main venue for local DJ's and not only.

Many have considered Paloma as the heir of Reykjavik's legendary bar, Bakkus, which was owned by Palli.

Since March (2017), Paloma has been acquired by two of Palli's friends, Jasmin Rexhepi and Steve Roberts.

The club fits 140 people and sits on top of the house, above The Dubliner, which is one of the oldest pub in Reykjavik.

The whole house fits 330 people and with three speareted venues, Paloma, The Dubliner and Jazz N' Steve Cellar.

Steve Roberts


Jasmin Rexhepi